Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Review - Made For You by Vi Keeland

Made For You (Cole, #2)
by Vi Keeland
Published 2013

340 Pages

Since their week in paradise, Jack Cole and Sydney Aldridge have become inseparable. 
In the first book, we learn that Jack has two business ventures, one of which is questionable. And we see that Sydney is struggling with it. Now, Jack is running his businesses, and Sydney has returned to doing what she loves the most--performing. After giving up so much in her last relationship, she has vowed to never let a man stand in her way again. And so, when an offer pops up to tour Europe with her friend's band, it is an offer she cannot refuse! Still, she is torn. She and Jack have spent almost every day together over the last four months, and she doesn't want to leave him! 

Jack is supportive of Sydney pursuing her dreams, and encourages her to go on the tour, reminding her that he never wants to be a barrier to her achieving all that she has set out to accomplish. Now on tour, the unthinkable happens when a misunderstanding puts their relationship to the test. Both Sydney and Jack suffer life changing events that have the potential to destroy their relationship. Can they survive the distance? Can Sydney accept all of Jack, good and bad? And can Jack overcome his overwhelming jealousy? You must read to find out! 

This was a great book, and I loved the roller coaster! Also, I sense other characters may show up in another book, searching for their HEA!

Reviewed by Kelli

4.25 STARS 

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