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Featured Author Interview - Catherine Spangler

Featured Author
Catherine Spangler

About the Author

Catherine Spangler is a bestselling and award-winning author of the Shielder series (futuristic romance) and the Sentinel series (urban fantasy). She is a two-time Golden Heart finalist and a RITA finalist, and has received numerous other awards and honorable mentions.

She is an active member of Romance Writers of America and her local chapter, Dallas Area Romance Authors. A frequent speaker at writers’ groups and conferences, Catherine has taught workshops on the creative process, writing techniques, writing paranormal romance, and goal setting. She lives in north Texas with her husband and a menagerie of critters. She loves reading, taking naps on the sofa with a good football game for background noise, eating chocolate, and playing poker!

Books by Catherine Spangler

Catherine Spangler writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and futuristic romance. Her urban fantasy series, the Sentinels; her futuristic romance series, the Shielders; and her other publications include the following: 

Touched By Darkness, Touched By Fire
and Touched By Light

The Shielder Series
Shielder, Shadower, ShamaraShadow Crossing 
and Shadow Fires

Demon's Delight

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We are thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Catherine about her amazing books! We loved the first book in the Sentinel series, Touched By Darkness, and can't wait to read all her books!

MBB: What inspired you to start writing?

CS: I first started writing when I was around 13 or 14. Three other friends and I wrote romances starring current rock stars and us. Then in high school I took a creative writing course. The instructor read my first project and told me I was beyond the rest of the class. He gave me special writing assignments, and even redlined my work and asked me to rewrite with his editorial changes. One of my articles was published in a magazine, and he told me I had talent and to keep at it. That was the beginning!

MBB: How do you begin the process of writing a new book or series?

CS: It's nothing logical! A character will begin “nagging” at me, but sometimes it is a story idea. I don’t usually write things down, but rather let them percolate, and then I just start writing. I’m definitely a “panster” and usually need to write two or three chapters before I have a feel for my characters and the story’s direction. I have to do that before I can attempt a synopsis. I will do research once I know what I want to write—like the extensive research I did on angels and on Chicago when I started my current WIP.

MBB: What do you like most about writing urban fantasy and paranormal romance?

CS: The different worlds and cultures, and the strange creatures populating them. I also enjoy the freedom to create stories not possible in real life. I like to color outside the lines.

MBB: Do you have any advice for other writers who are just starting out?

CS: First and foremost, write! Write, write, write, because that is how you develop your story voice. If at all possible, join a writers group like RWA (Romance Writers of America) or SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America), or one of the many other groups out there. Then you can find local chapters (for RWA), and meet other writers. You need to educate yourself on the business of writing and publishing. If you can find other writers to critique with, that will really help you grow as a writer.

MBB: These are some great tips! What are your plans for future projects?

CS: I’m working on a dark fallen angel series, and a paranormal young adult series. I’ve written part of a humorous Alien book, and I’m considering a 6th book in the Shielder series. There just never seems to be enough time!

MBB: If you were stranded on a deserted island with just one book, what would it be and why?

CS: I don’t think I can name just one book. There are a number of books that are favorites and that I’ve read again and again. They’re my favorites because I love the characters. I identify with the heroine and fall in love with the hero. Because the stories are amazing and intriguing and suck me right in and don’t let go until they release me (sadly) at the end. And, because they all have an HEA ending!

MBB: Is there anything else you would like to add?

CS: I want to thank all the wonderful authors and readers who have supported me over the years, and continue to do so through Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, RWA, and my local chapter, DARA. You are the best!

Thank you Catherine for taking the time to visit, and to share your writing experiences with us! We wish you all the best with the release of the Sentinel series, and look forward to reading all your books!

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Interviewed by Stephanie


  1. Thanks for all the concrete advise on how to pursue a writing career! Super helpful, cannot wait to start this series, and WOW on the cover Touched by Darkness cover!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I love the cover of Touched by Darkness, too!


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