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Book Review - Jake Undone by Penelope Ward

Jake Undone (Gemini, #2)
by Penelope Ward
Published 2013
311 Pages

From their first meeting, Nina is captivated by Jake. Intelligent, witty, and too handsome for his own good, Jake is also kind and engaging. But there is something else about Jake, something that seems to be preoccupying his thoughts and keeping him from getting close to Nina...something that is shrouded in mystery. Still, she cannot deny the extraordinary attraction developing between them. And as the attraction intensifies, so does the mystery. But there is a good reason for Jake's secretive behavior. If Nina were to discover the truth, he would lose her forever. 

This book was fantastic--I blinked and it was over! I absolutely loved the characters, especially Jake. Tattooed, brilliant, gorgeous, and pretty much a dream date with his kind and attentive demeanor, it would be worth ignoring the secrets just to hang out with this guy! My favorite part about Nina was getting a peek at her thoughts, which were always humorous and relatable. And the secondary characters were fantastic, too! A clever plot, exceptional writing, and well-developed characters make this book a must-read! 

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Reviewed by Stephanie

Kelli and I both read this book, and loved it! Here is her review:

I devoured this book, and read straight through the night till I was done! I could not put it down, and absolutely loved it! The author, Penelope Ward, is great at building suspense for a big reveal, and boy was this one a doozie! From the first pages, I thought the plot was going one way, but it went in an entirely different direction that I couldn't believe! Such great weaving of the web with many lives involved. I felt a range of emotions, from anger to shock to love, but never did I feel lost! And I was compelled to keep turning the pages to reach the end.

Jake Green is the gorgeous, tattooed, and pierced little brother of Allison Abraham, whom we met in Gemini. Jake is brash, outspoken, and a bit of an enigma to those he lives with in New York. He is also ridiculously smart. And when a new roommate, Nina Kennedy, moves in there is an undeniable pull toward each other. 
Nina moved to New York to attend nursing school. She suffers from phobias, and fears small, confined spaces. With math being her worst subject, Jake offers to help her out by tutoring her. But oh, the cost--she will have to face her worst fears! The chemistry between them is unbelievable, and their journey is heart wrenching. I am so team Jake! The writing is brilliant with lots of funny little anecdotes. 

Reviewed by Kelli 


  1. Sounds like a great read! I love those books that can be devoured quickly and they don't disappoint.

  2. Love this review! Jake sounds yummy and love this author.


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