Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review - The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice

The Heavens Rise
by Christopher Rice
Published 2013

While Niquette "Nikki" Delongpre is going about her life in much the same manner as other teenagers--dealing with the ups and downs of adolescence, spending time with her best friend, and chatting with the new boy on campus--she is unaware that evil forces are creeping up on her, surrounding her friends and family, and gearing up to unleash fury from the most unlikely of sources. 

With her loyal friends as constant companions, what harm could befall this young girl? She has always lived in New Orleans, attends the most prestigious school in the city, and lives a relatively charmed life. Alas, it is just one secret, one unfortunate misstep, that will set off a series of events that will alter the course of their lives for all time. And it is in this story, as we shift between two time periods nearly a decade apart, where true horror begins to unravel. But in the unraveling, pieces of a puzzle are ultimately shifting into place, just fitting together a little... differently. 

This is the kind of book that will stay with you long after you turn the last page. It was... haunting, torturous, exquisite. Perfectly paced, I loved the way information was shared at just the right time; slowly at first. It kept me guessing from start to finish! But throughout the story the reveals were abundant, building up and coming together like a symphony. Gorgeous. And although there may be sadness in some endings, there are others that leave you feeling... complete. That was this book. And it was heavenly. 

Reviewed by Stephanie


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