Saturday, October 12, 2013

Book Review - The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1)
by Rebecca Hamilton
Published 2012

263 Pages

This is a well paced, intriguing story that keeps you guessing. Sophia is a very warm and relatable character with which I enjoyed taking this journey! Her experiences in life haven't been kind or easy. But she has a few close friends, and a handsome new guy that may help her turn her life around. 

The storyline was exciting; however, I had a little trouble keeping track of the different clans, and remembering which clan had what powers and abilities. There was also a thread of storyline about Sophia's past and a former love that I wanted the author to elaborate on. That aspect of the story fizzled out, and was quickly wrapped up, leaving me wanting more details. 

The focus on characters being tied to nature, and all of life on earth--plants, animals, flowers--having a force to be tapped into, was very satisfying to me, as a reader. While most of the story was tied up in a satisfying way, leaving open the possibility for readers to create a future for these characters, there was also enough left open for a sequel, which I happily anticipate! 

Reviewed by Andrea

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