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Book Review - 1301: The Marquis by Christine Rains

1301: The Marquis (The 13th Floor, #1)
by Christine Rains
Published 2012
63 Pages

Once the Grand Marquis, and a nobleman within Lucifer's court, Marc is now just a mere shadow of the demon he used to be. An outcast, even by Hell's standards, he lives a relatively quiet life, along with the other residents of the 13th floor. All things considered, he has adjusted to his new life, and even feels happy sometimes, enjoying the simple pleasures afforded to the coffee. Oh, and spending time at the neighborhood cafe, where he can chat with the lovely Mae. 

Marc knows that if Mae was ever confronted by his ghastly demonic side she would run for cover, and would never look back! But for now, while she believes Marc to be human, they are friends. And so, Marc and the other resident misfits remain hidden in the human world. That is, until a demon shows up from Marc's past. And this isn't just any demon, this is a demon with a grudge! 

In order to save his friends, and himself, Marc will have to conjure up his own demonic side that has long sense been buried--the Grand Marquis. But the demon's return won't come without a price...a price Marc isn't sure he's willing to pay.

This first book was a great introduction to the characters of the 13th Floor series! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Marc. He is both foremidable and lovable, and it's easy to forget his history! Still, we do get reminders (and they aren't pretty). Mae is great, too! A complimentary match for Marc, she is someone who can handle his character flaws and quirks with grace and humor. I am eager to learn about the other 13th floor residents, and to hear how their stories play out. A perfect Halloween read! So grab a bag of Smarties and settle in for some festive fun--the trick-or-treaters will have to wait. 

Reviewed by Stephanie



  1. Thank you so much for the great review! I'm happy you enjoyed it. Now I'm craving some Smarties. :)

  2. Alright, this has grabbed my interest! Thank you for the review!

  3. Great review for Christine's book! The rest of the series will not disappoint.

  4. Great review! The Marquis is definitely a fantastic series-starter. :)

  5. Fantastic review... love the whole series from Christine Rains.

  6. Love the idea of this series. Demons are just such forbidden fruit! So bad, yet so good.


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