Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book Review - Withstanding Me by Crystal Spears

Withstanding Me (Breakneck, #2)
by Crystal Spears
Published 2013

264 Pages

I rarely read the author bio. This time, I'm really glad I did! I learned that the author had first hand experience living with a motorcycle club. Withstanding Me is a raw, explicit, and genuine portrayal, which must have taken a great deal of courage to write. So, I tip my hat to the author for telling it like it is! 

In the world of Breakneck love does not come in a neat or tidy package. It comes with blood, pain, and a heavy dose of reality. No one knows this better than Storm. As the rescued beauty, she is bright, quick-witted, and in matters of the heart she is holding out for the real deal. And after the most traumatic of events, and having a way of life forced upon her, she remains steadfast in her personal vow. But Zig Zag "ZZ" wants Storm in a bad way, and he wants it his way! He is relentless in his pursuit of Storm. And although she resists, a friendship is forged that develops into a strong bond. With all the craziness in ZZ's life, Storm becomes his one constant.

I enjoyed the story, with all its grit and intrigue. The chaotic world of Breakneck is truly a fantasy for me, and I read straight through to the end! Still, there were aspects that reached far beyond my comfort zone. Overall, it was a great read! And I am eager to hear more about the characters and where they will take us.

Reviewed by Kelli 


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