Monday, September 9, 2013

Book Review - The Forever Girl (Part One) by Rebecca Hamilton

The Forever Girl (Part One)
by Rebecca Hamilton
Published 2012

116 Pages

This book started out with a bang, and just kept going! I was immediately fond of the lead character, Sophia. As an awkward young woman, living in a small town and working at a diner, Sophia is trying to find her place in the world after suffering from the loss of her parents. But she has the added burden of navigating life in a town that has all but shunned her. 

Sophia's gifts (or curse) have made her life complicated. Moreover, practicing Wiccans apparently aren't always welcomed in small towns. Go figure. But now, things are intensifying. With the help of her friend Ivory, a night out on the town to an underground club (no, it really is underground) has opened up Sophia's eyes, and all her senses, to another world that she never knew existed. But a hot guy that has just caught her eye is occupying her thoughts and feelings at a time when clarity is vital. You never know what might be lurking in the forest... or outside your bedroom window! 

This was the free version of the full length book, The Forever Girl, which I hope to read soon! But with so much going on in Part One, I felt compelled to review it. I loved Part One! The most unique aspect was the imagery. It followed closely with Sophia's experiences, describing the colors, tastes, scents, and everything around her so vibrantly that I felt as though I had stepped into her world, complete with crunching leaves of the forest under my feet. Gorgeous! I look forward to the full length version.

Reviewed by Stephanie


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