Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review - Consumed by Skyla Madi

Consumed (Consumed, #1)
by Skyla Madi

Published 2013
406 Pages

There is something about the guy with the devil-may-care attitude, who flips the world the bird and sets his sights high on a female that is his equal, that I love! Despite the 
struggles, the misunderstandings, the yearnings, and all the feelings that these bad boys stir up, they make me stay up way past my bedtime! This was definitely one of those stories

Olivia James has been on her own for a while. She has only had one boyfriend her entire life, and after catching him cheating multiple times she finally sends him on his way. She is fine with her average life and routine. That is, until she walks into her father's gym and sees Seth Marc! An amateur mixed martial arts fighter/boxer, Seth is arrogant from the start, catching Olivia's eye and giving her a cocky smirk while he snuggle up to a knock-out girl in a skin tight dress. Jerk! 

Still, Olivia is very aware of the mutual attraction. And while she knows that Seth is not the "girlfriend" kind of guy, she doesn't want to stay away. Inevitably, things heat up. But Seth pulls away, leaving her feeling humiliated. And when she pulls away, Seth becomes obsessed. The push-pull begins, with Seth using Olivia's father to get to her. But what Olivia doesn't know is that there are deeper issues surrounding Seth... and secrets that he is hiding from the world.  

This story is confusing and aggravating, but all consuming! And I loved it! I would definitely recommend it. No cliffhanger, and a great start to a series! 

Reviewed by Kelli

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