Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Review - All Over the Place by Serena Clarke

All Over the Place
by Serena Clarke
Published 2013 

252 Pages

Having lived in England for a period of time in my college years, I’m always anxious to read books that bring me back to that time. So, I was very excited to dig into All Over the Place! The author did not fall short in describing the heartbeat of London, and painting an accurate picture of what it’s really like. The writing was exceptional! The story; however, was a little predictable, and at times a bit unbelievable. Still, it was a fun journey!

Livi Callaway is planning for her upcoming wedding to the man she has agreed to marry (who cares that no one thinks he’s a good match for her, right?), but when he's picked to star in a reality television series her world is turned upside down--he gets a little too cozy with one of his costars, and it's all caught on tape! So what’s a girl to do after experiencing such mortifying humiliation? Well, flee the country, of course! And flee she does, leaving her home and family in New Zealand to start a new life in London.

Now settled into a new job at a popular hair salon, with an array of interesting new friends, co-workers, and a flat-mate, Livi is starting to enjoy her newly single self in her newly anonymous city. Until…a chance encounter on a packed tube ride with a model-worthy American hunk provides a welcomed distraction and flirtation! But before they have a chance to exchange phone numbers, he is pushed out at his stop by the bustle of the crowd. 

Alas, fate steps in, and Livi discovers that he has left his satchel behind! Woo hoo!! 

So, in search of the American hunk, and egged on by her friends, Livi follows clues found in the satchel that lead her to a variety of dead musicians graves in England and Paris, all the while trying to figure out who this stranger is, and what he is all about. She literally travels all over the place, convinced by her friends (and herself) that this guy is the one! But when you're searching, and running in circles, sometimes you need to remind yourself what you're searching for... or running from. 

The story is laced with the kind of British humor that keeps you smirking and chuckling, which I thoroughly enjoyed! And I loved revisiting the historical locations (aww, the Winnie the Pooh farm)! About halfway through, I had a good idea as to where the story was going. Still, while it was a bit predictable, the journey was fun! If you want a feel-good romance that offers a nice escape with a happy ending, you will love this book! 

Reviewed by Leslie


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