Saturday, August 3, 2013

Book Review - Unattainable by Leslie P. Garcia

by Leslie P. Garcia
Published 2013

276 Pages

This book takes place on the Rio Grande, on a horse ranch bordering Mexico. It has all the makings of a great romance--a guarded gal, a broody guy, and past heartbreaks. But it never quite gets there for me. And while I liked the characters, Adela "Dell" Rosales and Jovani "Jovi" Trevino, I was never able to fully connect with them and get lost in their story. There were a few steamy scenes that gave me hope, but they were gone as soon as they started.

The story is about Dell, who returns to her father's horse ranch after his death, as heir to his estate. She is jaded and not looking for love, due to a devastating tragedy with her fiancé. She starts to house girls who are in trouble; mostly juveniles, and one very young girl that she hopes to eventually adopt.

The story continues as we learn that the ranch is under surveillance by the DEA, due to its border location. And now Dell has become a suspect for possible drug trafficking. A former DEA agent, Jovani "Jovi" Trevino, is assigned to investigate the ranch on an undercover basis. He meets Dell and they are immediately attracted to one another. They share a few stolen embraces and kisses, but are always interrupted or come to their senses before things can progress. Of course, this is a forbidden romance, as Jovi is undercover, lying to Dell, and now struggling with feelings he is beginning to have for her.

This book had some strong points and some issues. I did struggle a bit with the depth of political discussion, but kept up. I would have preferred to have the romance in the forefront, rather than a meandering love story. Still, it is a well written book, and a good read! 

Reviewed by Kelli



  1. Kelli, thanks for taking the time to read Unattainable and give your input.

    1. I enjoyed the opportunity to read it, thanks!


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