Thursday, August 1, 2013

Book Review - One Night With a Rock Star by Chana Keefer

One Night With a Rock Star
by Chana Keefer
Published 2013

434 Pages

Soooooooooooo....what to say about this book? It is hard to write a review because I was not obsessed and dying to discuss it with others. However, it was a new take on an old subject that does not belong in mainstream romance. Still, it kept my interest, made me think, and had me softly in love. The ending was very clever with a reveal about an aspect of the book that had me really irritated throughout the major body of the work. That being said, this book could really be considered Christian Literature because it was definitely biased toward abstinence.

One chance meeting at a rock concert changes Esther Collins and Sky's world. She is a novice model and journalism student, who has been soothed for years by Sky's music. She decides to attend his concert, and gets backstage through a friend of hers. She meets Sky, and is whisked away in his limo to his apartment for a very innocent, yet misinterpreted night that changes both of their lives.

Esther feels that something changed between them, and for the first time may even think she found the man she has been saving herself for. But then Sky disappears for two years! With no contact at all. She is devastated, but moves on and even kind of dates. But she never truly gets over him.

This story takes us to missionary work in third world countries (very touching), the castles of Scotland, ranches in Texas, and rock concerts. It is a moving and well written book, but one that is way outside of my usual genre. Would I recommend it? Probably, if you are going on a cruise or a beachy destination, and want an engrossing (yet sweet) read, that covers a lot of ground around God. In the mood for angsty, hot loving? Then I would pass.

Reviewed by Kelli



  1. Hi Kelli,

    Thanks again for reading Rock Star. One request. Could you please remove the paragraph that reveals the hero's name? I hate to have such a major plot point spoiled for readers.

    That said, yes, the book is from an abstinence supportive viewpoint. I even work with an organization where we speak to high school students about how easily STDs and shattered lives are contracted through sex. The story was not inspired JUST to get across that viewpoint, but I couldn't stand by and watch the train wreck of so many young lives. I was spared tons of heartache through some great advice by a caring adult when I was only 14. I'd love to think my writing might do the same for someone else.

    On Amazon, Rock Star is listed in Inspirational Romance.

    Again, thanks for reading and good luck with your blog. You've done a great job with it.

    Chana Keefer

    1. Hi Chana - I removed the paragraph with the spoiler from Kelli's review a while back. Hope that helps. Thanks for your comment, and all the best to you in your writing.


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