Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Review - Into the Deep by Samantha Young

Into the Deep
by Samantha Young
Published 2013

315 Pages

Charlotte "Charley" Redford is a small town girl living the life of a regular teenager when she meets the new boy in town. Jake Caplin has already met his fair share of girls by the time he meets Charley, but from the moment they meet they are drawn to each other. And although Charley makes Jake work for it, she eventually gives him everything, and they promise to be together forever. But tragedy tears them apart, leaving Charley lost and brokenhearted. 

Fast forward four years, when Charley is studying abroad for a semester program in Edinburgh. Jake is in the same program. And when Charley sees him from across the room at a party, arm in arm with his new girlfriend, she is struck immobile. To further complicate matters, Jake and his girlfriend have become friends with the other American students ... students with whom Charley has forged connections, causing painful rifts and gut wrenching interactions at every turn. 

I couldn't believe what was happening, and wanted to shake Jake and ask him what his problem was! It was difficult to read, and left my heart aching. I really needed someone to vent to during the most difficult scenes. And it isn't until the end of the book that we begin to understand what led to their initial parting. Still, there is a cliffhanger! And although I despise cliffhangers, as a rule, this one left me begging for more! 

A truly great book, this is one of my new favorites for the year. And from one of my favorite authors! Loved it!

Reviewed by Kelli


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