Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Review - His Haven by Harper A. Brooks

His Haven
by Harper A. Brooks
Published 2013
169 Pages

Lord Henri's world is one of indulgence. As Master of Greystone Manor, he has extended his good fortune to those in need. And in bringing guests to the manor, and offering them a new life, they receive an unexpected gift ... immortality. Avrum was one such human, not so long ago. And now, as a vampire, he is Lord Henri's second in command.

Never one to concern himself with the humans that grace the hallways of Greystone Manor, Avrum is surprised when he feels such a strong connection to Haven. Lord Henri's newest plaything, the beautiful female, Haven, is being paraded around the manor by Lord Henri, and kept alive for her blood. 

Having struck a deal with Lord Henri, Haven accepts her fate. That is, until she meets Avrum. She questions whether she is going mad, or if her attraction to Avrum is genuine. Either way, she feels a new sense of hope. And as she and Avrum begin to quietly fall in love secrets are revealed, causing Avrum to question his life at the manor, and his loyalties.

I was glued to the pages of this book! I loved the characters, especially Avrum, who 
evolves with each chapter. But I wanted more of the vampire world! A little more attention to Avrum's world, and this would have been a 5 star read. Overall, a great story with memorable characters.

Reviewed by Stephanie

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