Thursday, August 1, 2013

Book Review - Him by Carey Heywood

by Carey Heywood
Published 2013
310 Pages

This book is about a high school love that has gone terribly wrong. We've all been there. Sarah Miller fell in love with her best friend in high school, William Ethan Price, then was absolutely shocked when she found out he felt the same way about her. They were already inseparable, but now they were basically attached at the hip. He was her first (at prom, no less). Then, one day she just disappears, without a goodbye or an explanation.

They had already talked about forever, and no one is more shocked than him when Sarah leaves in the middle of the night to go live with her favorite uncle. Sarah attends college, works at a local coffee shop, and tries to get over him, but no one can replace him. They are too short, too tall, floss wrong, whatever. She completely throws herself into her career with a successful company that she has pioneered. She is satisfied with her life, until she has to go back home to attend her brother's wedding. She just wants to make it through the wedding without running into him. Luck is not on her side. She doesn't even make it home before she runs into him on the flight home.

He is headed home as well, and she doesn't find out he is actually her brother's best man until he drives her home and enters her family's house like he lives there...which he has. While she was gone, he was a regular fixture at the Miller house, and even introduced her brother to his future fianc√©. She tries to escape him, not wanting to rehash the past, but he will not relent. He demands to know why she left. She cannot believe he would have the nerve to ask. Could there have had a misunderstanding? That is the only thing she can think of because when she finally confronts him about what happened 
he is clueless.

I liked the story and the reveal toward the end. The writing is also very good, and I connected with the characters. Sarah and Will definitely have great chemistry, but some of the story was a little too far fetched for me. The reason they were apart, and for so long, with him being a huge part of her family didn't make a lot of sense. Although some parts were a bit irritating, I liked it enough to want to see how it turned out. 

Reviewed by Kelli


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