Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review - The Bargain by Christine S. Feldman

The Bargain
by Christine S. Feldman
Published 2013

186 Pages

Shannon Mahonney lives by herself and works for her high school crush, the perfect Drew Kingston. She is not at all flashy. Instead, she loves earth tones, her dog, and domestic tasks. She gets tongue tied around men, and for this reason her boss, Drew, has no idea that she has a crush on him.

Drew is very serious and work oriented. Planning a project with his childhood home, he is met with resistance by his brother, Michael, who tries to talk Drew out of using his childhood home for a project. Still, Drew is reluctant to listen to Michael, as Michael's reputation has not proven him to be trustworthy. Michael even tries to reach out to Drew through Shannon. However, Shannon remembers Michael from high school, and maintains her guard. Unsure as to his true motives, Michael persists, and with much at stake it is difficult to know who to trust. Shannon wonders if Michael's motives are genuine, and if they should listen to Michael, after all.

This was a sweet read, although quite predictable. I enjoyed it, but found myself rushing through, and never too emotional about it--my gauge as to how much I am enjoying a book. I was entertained, but not swept away. Overall a sweet read, but not too thrilling. The characters were likable, and the romance was slow and smooth.

Reviewed by Kelli 


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