Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Review - Saletti Blood: The Order by Vana V

Saletti Blood: The Order (Saletti Blood, #1)
by Vana V
Published 2011
394 Pages

At first I thought this was a vampire series, but found the mob instead! A lot of criminals, injustice, and unexpected twists and turns throughout! This is a super good read! Seventeen-year-old identical twin sisters, Ayana and Novella Lachlan, are pulled around from place to place. Their narcissistic mother, who is perpetually looking for love in all the wrong places, subjects the girls to one stepfather after another. But finally, it looks like things have settled down.

Ayana and Novella are happy in Italy with their mother and a decent stepfather who seems to truly care about them. So, of course, the mother decides it is time to move on. But this time, she leaves on her own (selfish much?), and promises her daughters that she will send for them as soon as she is settled in Florida. Ayana decides that she is no longer letting her mother ruin her life. Ayana believes she has found "the one" and decides to stay with him in Italy. Novella, never separated from her sister, but loath to disobey her mother, chooses to join her mother in Miami.

Oh the story just gets so tragic from here! I am unsure how much to divulge, because the story goes in directions I would never have anticipated! I was on the edge of my seat and outraged, thinking, “No! Not that way!” But alas, that is the way it went. I kept waiting for the hero, waiting and waiting! I mean, come on! Instead, the lovely Novella becomes the object of the sociopath Paladio’s obsession. And when the hero finally does arrive there are other tragedies, all intertwined with the powerful mob family known as the Salettis.

This book is definitely a dark read and not for the weak of heart, but still so good! I am just starting the second book, Sins of the Father. If you are up for a dark love story with murder, mayhem, hit men, and blood, this is your book!

Reviewed by Kelli