Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book Review - Red Fox by Karina Halle

Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2)
by Karina Halle
Published 2011
325 Pages

Now working as a team on the Experiment in Terror Internet show, Perry and Dex travel to New Mexico to investigate strange occurrences within a Navajo community in a small, desert town. 

They meet up with Dex’s college friend, Maximus (why do I sense this guy is trouble?), who offers his assistance. During their stay, Perry and Dex must keep up the pretence that they are a couple, resulting in some interesting and humorous confrontations! And as their investigation unfolds, they begin to uncover the mysteries surrounding the occurrences... mysteries that reach are far beyond their scope as ghost hunters.

This is a great story, filled with magic and mysticism. We meet skin-walkers, and explore ancient Navajo myth in this second installment of the Experiment in Terror series. I enjoyed getting to know the characters on a deeper level, and the addition of Maximus added some complexity that we can be sure to revisit as the series continues!

Reviewed by Stephanie