Thursday, July 11, 2013

Book Review - Rapture by J.R. Ward

Rapture (Fallen Angels, #4)
by J.R. Ward
Published 2012
513 Pages

Mels Carmichael, a local journalist, is driving to work one day when a man falls from a fence surrounding the local cemetery and lands right in front of her car. 

Injured but alive, the man is taken to the local hospital where Mels visits him, feeling drawn to the poor soul suffering from amnesia. He cannot recall anything from his past. The only lead he has is the name on the gravestone upon which he awoke before the accident—Jim Heron.

Jim is confronted with his past in a very personal way, as the challenges continue to build, and the stakes are raised in the battle against good and evil. 

Jim is perplexed with the man who has no memory—a man with a past most intricately intertwined with his own. But can he help save a soul that doesn’t want to be saved? And is it worth the cost to Jim?

So far, this was my favorite book in the Fallen Angels series. A really great read! 

Reviewed by Stephanie