Thursday, July 18, 2013

Book Review - Lick by Kylie Scott

Lick (Stage Dive, #1)
by Kylie Scott
Published 2013
303 Pages

I LOVED this book! A great start, it grabbed me from the beginning and never lost me! Evelyn Thomas wakes up feeling like she was hit by a bus. And in a sense, she was—a bus named Las Vegas! Ha! Barely able to lift her head, and still slightly nauseous from the smell of vomit surrounding her, Evelyn looks up to see the most gorgeous, half naked, tattooed man on the planet, smirking at her adoringly! She has absolutely no recollection of the previous night, where she is now, or how she got there. Now, she has a beautiful man staring at her, a humongous diamond on her finger, and a tattoo on her backside. And this is only the beginning!

David Ferris, guitarist for the hugely popular rock band, Stage Dive, remembers everything that happened the night before. He thought he had met the woman of his dreams, and is embarrassed and angry when he discovers she doesn’t even remember his name! And now that the media has gotten tipped off about the marriage, it will be tough to stay out of the spotlight. David offers to help, until they can get their marriage annulled. Instead, his handlers offer Evelyn a large sum of money to just go away. She is insulted and accused of trying to hold things up when she tries to get rid of the settlement clause in the agreement. Fed up with the bullies, she runs out of the house and into the black Jeep of Malcolm, the infamous drummer of Stage Dive.

Whisked away by Malcolm to save her from the insanity, they meet up with David and decide they need to get away until things settle down. David tells Evelyn that they will deal with the divorce after the weekend. Can you see where this is going? Over the weekend, the original feelings resurface for Evelyn, and the chemistry is off the charts! But could it ever work out for these two? They are from such different worlds. Evelyn is David’s little chance at normal. But as a famous rock star, normal may not be possible. 

I loved the characters and cannot wait for another book in this series! It is going to be a series right? Let's get to know Malcolm next! A great read! 

Reviewed by Kelli


  1. Def a titilating read although I found David's physical attraction to Evelyn a bit hard to believe.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I read that in a few other reviews, as well. xxStephanie


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