Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Review - Fall From Grace by Christine Zolendz

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1)
by Christine Zolendz
Published 2012
317 Pages

Selah is an old soul, literally thousands of years old, sentenced to roam the Earth in different bodies in search of her soul mate; the fallen angel, Shamsiel. 

Thousands of years ago angels fell in love with humans, and decided to take women as their mates. They became fallen angels when they married human women and created half-human/ half-angel children, called Nephilim. All the angels and humans were punished and their children were destroyed, including Selah and Shamsiel (even though they only shared an innocent kiss, and had never created children). Thus, Selah’s punishment is that her soul will never go to heaven, destined to reincarnate on Earth until she finds her other half, the fallen angel Shamsiel.

We meet Grace—miserable, after losing her parents in an accident, and now in a coma. We learn that Grace has died, but that she awakens from the coma as Selah, who is now alive in Grace’s body. And although Grace has moved on to the heavens, Selah has all of Graces memories. Selah is guided by the archangel Gabriel who encourages her to keep searching in her current lifetime, even when she is overcome with sorrow because the search is taking an eternity. She is tired of losing everyone and feeling nothing with every man she encounters. She doesn't feel it is necessary to pay too much attention to her outside, because she knows how she looks on the outside doesn't change what is in her soul.

Grace's best friend, Lea (who is the only person alive who knows Grace's secret), insists on Grace coming with her to a local bar with her new boyfriend to see his friend’s band. The lead singer is a tattooed bad boy and rock star, Shane Maxton. He is the biggest player Grace has ever met, with girls falling all over him. The attraction between Grace and Shane is undeniable, but Grace refuses to sully herself for a one night’s stand when she's searched her entire existence for her true soul mate.

The last part of this book has some great twists that I did not see coming—twists that made my heart ache! And there is a cliffhanger! But the second book in the series, Saving Grace, was just released. Guess what I will be reading tonight?

I really liked this book! The characters are genuine, and the writing is great! I connected instantly with Grace's character. Dealing in fallen angels can be a difficult sell to an audience, but this story was well told and believable!

Reviewed by Kelli