Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Review - Defiance by Stephanie Tyler

by Stephanie Tyler
Published 2012
318 Pages

Motorcycle gang? Dystopia and a world of semi-darkness? A male-dominated world? Profanity? Okay, you have my interest! I must admit, I am a sucker for a good bad-boy-biker read, and Stephanie did not disappoint! Very edgy moments, with plenty of shock factor, I really enjoyed this mess of a world and get the feeling we have a series coming from this one as well. So what is it about? 

Tru Tennyson was the daughter of one of the big guys, a sergeant at arms Enforcer, for the Defiance motorcycle club. Although a male dominated club, Tru's father took his dominance one violent step too far, causing the young Tru to flee the club looking for safety and a life of her own. After being on her own for three years, and surviving just fine thank you very much, Tru is forced to go seek the protection of the gang, because a massive meteor storm struck earth causing environmental destruction, killing many, and plunging the world into darkness and anarchy. This created a world of outlaws and criminals, placing motorcycle clubs like Defiance at the top of the food chain. Being made up of mostly ex-military doomsday fanatics, Defiance had made a completely functional and stocked underground world. 

When Tru returns, she seeks shelter with the Kill Devils, a rival motorcycle club, and stays with them for over a year. The only reason she is not forced to bond with the head of the Kill Devils is because her father is still alive. When her father dies, the leader, Padraic, seeks to claim her. She refuses and is returned to Defiance, although there are consequences for her refusal. The current Enforcer of Defiance, Casper, cannot believe that Tru is coming back to Defiance, especially after she went to Padraic instead of him when she needed help. Casper is huge, covered in scars, and exudes violence. Tru coming back has the potential to mess up his long sought after plans, and he cannot let this happen for the sake of the club. The head of Defiance will force Tru to bond to a member to protect her from the consequences of refusing Padraic. 

All sorts of crazy situations occur between Casper and Tru, and eventually all the Defiance members have to pick their side. 
Too many twists and turns to describe. It took some time to get to know the history and culture of the motorcycle club, but I loved the journey. I cannot wait for more in this series. (Please be a series. Fingers crossed!)

Reviewed by Kelli