Thursday, July 11, 2013

Book Review - Crave by J.R. Ward

Crave (Fallen Angels, #2)
by J.R. Ward
Published 2010
481 Pages

Crave offers a meaningful contribution to the Fallen Angels series, as we learn more about Jim Heron’s history as a former black ops, and the challenges that have lead to his jaded ways. 

Now a fallen angel, Jim is never advised as to which souls must be saved in this deadly game between good and evil. And so, as the second round begins, Jim is immediately confronted with a conundrum: to which soul does he focus his attention? He meets the lovely Grier Childe, a public defender with a complicated family history; and Isaac Rothe, another former black ops, and a deadly military force from Jim’s past. With a demon that presents in the form of a beautiful temptress angling for a shot at winning this game, Jim has the arduous task of seeing it through, and ultimately saving souls of those who have otherwise lost their way. 

But whom do you trust when trust issues are inherently interwoven into your very being? Nothing is the way it seems. And with issues of love, friendship, and family in the mix Jim has a formidable challenge before him.

I enjoyed this book, and want to see how the game plays out! There are some rather creepy parts within the demon realm, but the angels are fun and quirky, and overall, I like the plot! You can’t go wrong with J.R. Ward’s ability to create a world and bring it to life. A great book!

Reviewed by Stephanie