Thursday, July 18, 2013

Book Review - Come Alive by Karina Halle

Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7)
by Karina Halle
Published 2013
438 Pages

This book was action packed! A great read, I enjoyed getting back to the business of ghost hunting with Dex Foray and Perry Palomino, amateur ghost hunters, in this seventh installment of the Experiment in Terror series. 

Dex and Perry embark on a ghost hunting expedition to investigate a haunted house in New Orleans. Maximus rejoins the cast, and plays an active role in this installment as the newest member of Dex and Perry’s Internet show.

Written from Dex’s point of view, we are privy to Dex’s true thoughts and feelings about Perry, most of which revolve around his appreciation for her physical attributes! But Dex is a little too sentimental, which comes across as contrived. Still, these characters are so loveable that it’s easy to forgive some whimsy in the relationship department.

In New Orleans, Dex and Perry’s haunted house investigation turns out to be much more complex. We meet a voodoo priestess, flesh-eating zombies, and discover that Dex and Perry have been deceived by someone close to them. In the business of ghosts and zombies, you need to be careful about who you trust!

An entirely new storyline opens up surrounding Maximus that involves even more paranormal oddities and otherworldly creatures. This could be interesting! I enjoyed Dex’s point of view, but missed Perry’s input. Still, this is a great read, and I’m excited about some unexpected developments! You'll have to read the book to find out.  

Reviewed by Stephanie