Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Review - Beauty and the Bad Boy

Beauty and the Bad Boy (Bad Boy, #1)
by Scarlett Dupree
Published 2013

242 Pages

Just finished this one. Loved it! The story is about two broken souls, from opposite sides of town, who have suffered many losses. Dakota Demonte is a lovable, strong, and resilient female character. She can take care of herself, and takes pride in that fact. Jake Rider is drawn to Dakota, and simply cannot stay away from her! She is looking for a walk on the wild side; he cannot resist her. It is not a pretty or perfect pairing, but it is one wild ride!

The heroine, Dakota, finds herself in the male-dominated world of Jake’s motorcycle gang, where she fights to hold her own—literally! She can shoot, fight, and has the language skills to rival any sailor! Even though he doesn't want to put his alpha in the back seat when she asks him to, he does so, because the alternative is a life without her.

I swooned over Jake's obvious need to protect Dakota, and admired the struggles he chose to fight, in order to give her the independence she needed and demanded. This is a super steamy look at the lives of those in a motorcycle club. I would definitely recommend it to those who love some bad-boy, but also want his counterpart to be a chick who can take care of business!

Reviewed by Kelli