Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review - The Finding by Nicky Charles

The Finding (Law of the Lycans, #3)
by Nicky Charles
Published 2011
453 Pages

After a devastating event, Cassie runs away from home to start a new life. She has always struggled with unusual symptoms. However, lately she has been waking up in strange places. One day, a young man shows up, Brian, and tries to abduct her. Cassie doesn’t understand his messages, and manages to escape.

Brian, the beta for a new Lycan Pack, is trailing Cassie, when it is discovered that she is a link to an ancient line of Lycans. But what exactly her link entails is to be determined. And what will her involvement mean to the world of the Lycans? Her mysterious upbringing, and the truth of her past have only begun to reveal a much more complicated story that has been hidden for a very good reason.  

This book had plenty of action and some romance. I liked the characters, Brian and Cassie, but not quite as much as the characters in the first two books in the series. Overall, it was good book worth reading! 

Reviewed by Stephanie