Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Review - Sins and Needles by Karina Halle

Sins and Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1)
By Karina Halle
Published 2013
376 Pages

Sins and Needles is the first book in The Artists Trilogy. It is a dark, sexy, and exhilarating adventure, filled with cool, edgy, and believable characters with plenty of flaws. However, it is these flaws that make the characters so honest, and their stories compelling.

Ellie Watt, born into a family of grifters, and now a young woman, wears the scars of her past like a badge of honor. She is gritty, she has been used, and she uses others. She is also resilient, a survivor, and throughout the book it is easy to find reasons to keep rooting for her: She has a heart, however tarnished, and she has hope. Nevertheless, she makes terrible mistakes and her judgment is clearly impaired. And then there is Camden, also scarred and terribly damaged, also a survivor … and gorgeous. 

Camden, a tattoo artist and Ellie's childhood love, still has feelings for Ellie. And when these two reunite, both in danger, and both dealing with their scars from the past, sparks fly, taking us on a wild ride that crosses state lines and all personal and emotional boundaries. 

We travel through Sin City, Camden convinces Ellie to let him tattoo her, there is a wild car chase, and eventually someone dies. But just as Ellie and Camden have proven to be incredibly resilient souls, we are left with hope, and are willing to push on through the next trial to see how the trilogy unfolds. 

A page-turner, one you won't put down till the end, Sins and Needles gets a score of 5/5 stars! A must read!

Reviewed by Stephanie