Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review - Love Plus One by Andrea Smith

Love Plus One (G-Man, #2)
by Andrea Smith
Published 2013
404 Pages

Love Plus One introduces us to Lindsey Dennison, daughter of Samantha Banion (lead character of the first book, Diamond—a good read about a housewife turned pole-dancer).

Lindsey, a young college student, is very inexperienced in love, has a habit of picking the wrong guys, and is tired of feeling unlucky in matters of the heart. Queue to the sexy, tattooed, and unavailable Special Agent Trace “Taz” Matthews, G-Man extraordinaire!

Taz’s partner, Slate, is getting married to Lindsey’s mother, and it is at the wedding that Taz and Lindsey first meet. Lindsey is thoroughly intoxicated, and Taz offers her a ride home, at which point Lindsey proceeds to vomit inside the cab of Taz’s pristine truck.

Taz makes a detour to his house to clean up the mess, while Linsdsey proceeds to fall asleep. She wakes up the next morning with a bad hangover, feeling incredibly embarrassed. Adding insult to injury, he calls her a cute kid before driving her home, and walks her to the door. She stands on her tiptoes and pulls his face down to give him a not-so-much-a-kid kiss, winks, and says, “Thanks for the lift, Trace”. Taz is shocked by her boldness. Mission accomplished, and game on!

The flirtation continues for quite some time, and eventually leads to the bedroom, where Taz discovers the magnitude of Lindsey’s inexperience, and turns her down. He states that he does not do relationships, nor does he want to hurt her. Mortified, but no less determined, Lindsey responds, "I'm not looking to get hurt, Taz. I'm just looking to get laid." Ha! Score one for Lindsey. And score she does!

Their relationship is a whirlwind of action that continues until Lindsey returns to college, set on moving past Taz and their fling. But when Lindsey’s missing father's criminal case results in Taz being assigned to protect Lindsey, a new dy
namic ensues. Taz struggles to maintain balance in his role as protector while confronting his undeniable attraction to Lindsey—a situation that can be an asset or a detriment to his career, his freedom, and ultimately to Lindsey’s safety—tipping the scales and changing all that he has come to know and hold true.

This book has romance, action, and excitement! But when it takes a frightening turn (I will leave out the details), much of the romance and passion are abandoned.

I would have liked to see the sub-p
lot mesh better with the primary plot. Thus, I found myself skimming through parts. Still, the story as a whole had merit, and I enjoyed the majority of it. Additionally, with the first book being such a great read, I will continue on with the series.

Reviewed by Kelli