Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Review - Gemini by Penelope Ward

Gemini (Gemini, #1)
by Penelope Ward
Published 2013
305 Pages

Allison Abraham has lost her mother, and in dealing with the resulting emotional struggles, as well as financial obstacles, she finds herself working as a waitress at the Stardust Diner. Previously, Allison was a graduate student, working toward her Master’s in Behavioral Science. Now financially and emotionally strapped, she is focusing on saving money to return to her studies. 

So when a handsome man walks into the diner, Allison has no idea that this man has secrets that involve Allison, and that he has arrived at the diner with the specific purpose of seeing her. She is immediately drawn to the handsome stranger, and has no idea the course her life is about to take. 

Cedric Callahan, a 30-something talent agent for news reporters, has a sense of humor about his career and doesn’t take life too seriously. He is seeking out the young waitress, Allison, for a specific reason. And oh, what a reason! It is alluded to, however, we must anxiously await the reveal till much later. 

When Cedric arrives at the diner, and finds himself unexpectedly drawn to Allison, he gets cold feet, and leaves the diner as suddenly as he arrives. Allison is crushed, and wonders if the mutual attraction she sensed was all in her head. 

Feeling confused, Cedric stays away, knowing that Allison is the last woman he should consider pursuing. Still, he cannot deny his feelings, as Allison becomes a constant fixture in his thoughts. 

Cedric reasons that if he reveals the truth of his mission to Allison she will never speak to him again. And as we watch him battle with his inner turmoil, he convinces himself that he must be with Allison, to allow her to get to know him, before telling her the truth. And so, the lies begin!

Cedric creates chance encounters such as, he was just “in the neighborhood”, and other efforts to make their meetings appear casual and unplanned. Eventually, these lies are compounded, as Cedric becomes more entrenched in the half-truths surrounding this budding union. Inevitably, a relationship ensues, and when Allison eventually discovers what Cedric is keeping secret (and boy, what a secret it is!), Cedric’s world comes crashing down. Later, he recalls, “The love I felt for this woman was indescribable and yet, I looked her dead straight in the eyes and lied through my teeth...” 

Allison finds comfort in her friends, and Cedric hits an emotional low, becoming what his brother lovingly refers to as a “Chia pet that smells like an ashtray”! Ha!

This book has a great plot and great characters. There are funny moments and unexpected turns throughout. I thought I had an idea what the secret might be but I was not even close! I definitely recommend this book! A great read!

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Reviewed by Kelli

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