Saturday, June 15, 2013

Book Review - Delayed Penalty by Shey Stahl

Delayed Penalty
by Shey Stahl
Published 2013
317 Pages

This book could have been so good! It just missed the mark. The plot and the characters had potential they just never reached it. 

Evan, a hunky hockey player in Chicago, finds a girl in an alley, beaten and brutalized and left for dead. He brings her to the hospital, keeps a constant watch over her, and eventually becomes obsessed. Aside from kicking ass in the hockey rink, he stays at her bedside, night and day. The girl is in a coma, requires numerous surgeries, and throughout her recuperation, Evan maintains a watchful eye at her bedside. 

We learn that the girl, Ami, is a young dance student, just 17 years old, and has suffered many losses in her young life. She has relocated to Chicago to study dance and to make a fresh start. Ami is alone in all ways imaginable, and as we would expect, there is more to this back-story than meets the eye. Now bonded to her through the trauma and recovery, Ami is taken in and protected by Evan and his family. 

Although Evan is sigh-worthy, there is a lack of depth in his character, and too much attention is given to his teammates—I expect this is a lead in to a series. There were some serious issues with Ami’s character, as well, as she is seemingly unaffected by the brutal attack, and moves forward as if nothing ever happened. She is a little ray of sunshine, whereas, I would have liked to see more angst in her character, and more depth and attention given to the process of someone coming back from such a serious trauma.

Although it had its moments, the story never did quite make it to where it was trying to go.  

Reviewed by Kelli