Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Review - Taken By Midnight by Lara Adrian

Taken By Midnight (Midnight Breed, #8)
by Lara Adrian
Published 2010
402 Pages

We return to the wilderness of Alaska in this book to reconnect with Alexandra Maguire’s friend, Jenna, who encountered a series of tragedies in book #7. 

As the only survivor of a direct encounter with the most deadly of forces, Jenna notices that things are changing. A former state trooper, Jenna is now stronger than ever, more agile, and experiencing memories from another place and time. 

Under the watchful eye of the breed warriors, Jenna is taken back to Boston, where she is monitored and observed. She is grateful to be near her friend, Alexandra. But when her memories reveal the magnitude of the trauma she endured she panics, fearing for herself and those around her. 

She seeks comfort in the arms of the breed warrior, Brock, who becomes her constant protector. The attraction between Jenna and Brock is undeniable, but can their love prevail when they are being pulled in opposite directions?

As one of the newer breed warriors, Brock shines in this story as a fiercely loyal protector and formidable warrior. He is faced with many inner challenges, as well as external obstacles, which he must overcome. This book is a nice complement to the series, as the story flows naturally from book #7, tying up loose ends.

Reviewed by Stephanie