Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Review - Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Shades of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #7)
by Lara Adrian
Published 2009
354 Pages

In Shades of Midnight we travel to the frozen wilderness of Alaska, where the breed warrior, Kade, is investigating the grisly murders of a family living deep in a mostly inaccessible mining town. 

Kade meets up with Alexandra Maguire who, as the local bush pilot, has the most direct route to the Alaskan interior. Alexandra has her own reasons for living a secluded life, and Kade becomes infatuated by the mysteries surrounding Alexandra. 

As Kade and Alexandra’s paths continue to cross, Kade discovers that there is more to their chance meetings than meets the eye. He begins to uncover the layers of secrets of the small, forgotten town … secrets that involve Alexandra, the local sheriff, and the very Alaskan Darkhaven to which Kade once belonged.

Kade is forced to confront the most evil forces ever known to the breed, involving the very origin of the breed itself. Kade and Alexandra must work together to survive, facing danger, destruction, and a sinister plot lurking in the shadows, threatening the existence of the breed and all of humankind.

This was by far my favorite book in the Midnight Breed series! Shades of Midnight is a wild ride from start to finish, all with the backdrop of the eerie, ice-covered backwoods of Alaska. I found myself rooting for Kade and Alexandra as they raced their way by small propeller plane, snowmobile, and on foot through the snow covered landscape, fighting evil forces at every turn. But in typical breed warrior fashion, the slightly feral nature of Kade still found time to offer up his most powerful and seductive charms!

Reviewed by Stephanie