Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Review - Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian

Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed, #3)
by Lara Adrian
Published 2007
400 Pages

The third book in the Midnight Breed series, Midnight Awakening introduces us to the lives of the breed within the Darkhaven—an aristocratic group of breed, who has their own order that works alongside the breed warriors, but with whom they often clash. 

Elise, a beautiful member of the Darkhaven community, is discovered by Tegan, a breed warrior wielding a dagger, and hunting rogues in the City of Boston. She has set up living quarters in a seedy part of town and is using her special gifts to aid in the hunt—a decision that is breaking her down, both physically and emotionally. 

Despite being a lone predator by nature, once Tegan learns the reasons behind Elise’s quest, he vows to protect her, keeping her deadly antics a secret from the breed warriors. And as Tegan’s feelings for Elise deepen, he finds himself confronted with decisions surrounding loyalty, love, and all that he has ever known to be true.

This third installment of the Midnight Breed series is a fast paced ride through the lives of the warriors, as well as the lives of the Darkhaven and its members. It is a nice change of pace to learn about the other members of the breed, outside of the warriors. I loved Tegan’s character and hearing his backstory—deep, suffering, and alone. Tegan is one of the deadliest of all the warriors, but he is well matched with Elise, who is deadly in her own right … and for good reason.

Reviewed by Stephanie