Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Review - Deeper Than Midnight by Lara Adrian

Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed, #9)
by Lara Adrian
Published 2011
387 Pages

We return to the wealthy, aristocratic lives of the Darkhaven in this book as we learn about the fate of the adopted daughter of an elite amongst the Darkhaven—the beautiful, 18 year old Corinne Bishop, who has been missing for a very long time. 

After a harrowing rescue by the breed warriors, Corinne is reunited with her former protector, the breed warrior, Brock. Brock feels torn by his past with Corinne, and with his love for Jenna. And after the years of imprisonment, Corinne is not the same person she once was. The only one she can relate to now is the great, gen-one warrior, Hunter. 

Having suffered a similar fate by the hands of the warrior’s most sinister enemy, Dragos, Hunter is vastly protective over Corinne. But when he must protect her from evil within her own Darkhaven, Corinne must confront the truth of her past, and the reasons she was held captive. Moreover, Hunter must confront his own demons, as the truth of his past is far more complex than ever expected.

I enjoyed this book immensely. Hunter’s story is fascinating, and despite his harsh exterior, he has a caring core. This book gives us deeper insight into the mind of Dragos and his evil plot against the breed warriors. Dark, seductive, and with plenty of plot twists, this book is a great read!  

Reviewed by Stephanie